Do you have a toddler on your shopping list this year who’s growing and learning new things every minute of the day. And I am sure that you want to do everything that you can to foster their development. All the fancy learning toys can get pretty expensive.

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If you’re anything like me, you want to give the very best gift, but you don’t necessarily want to break the bank doing it. Today I compiled a list of the very best educational toys for toddlers that cost less than $30.

The Best Educational Toys For Toddlers Under $30!

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New Sprouts Deluxe Market Set

Invite early dramatic play, build vocabulary, and model mealtime routines with the most familiar foods to toddlers.

Your toddler will quickly pretend to cook, eat, serve, and shop at the market with these tasty looking foods.

At just under $30, this is our most expensive educational toy for toddlers, but it is one that will be played with for years and years!

Count & Color Choo Choo, Train 

This is such a fun little train. Toddlers love this number recognition toy with free-rolling wheels and a friendly conductor that invites kids to take imaginative journeys. Five-caster train set builds color, shape, and number recognition with blocks that double as building toys.

While playing your child will work on their fine motor skills with block shapes that enhance color, number, and shape recognition. All while promoting matching, sorting, and stacking play in a creative way with this building toy

At under $25 for the set, these color trains make great educational toys for toddlers.

Farmer’s Market Color Sorting Set

This fun set Includes 25 foods in 5 different colors, 5 baskets, activity guide, and stickers for labeling.

Toddlers are able to develop color recognition and sorting skills with bushels of realistic produce. They can also expand vocabulary by naming familiar favorites and learning new foods

At under $29 for the set, these foods make great educational toys for toddlers.

Spike The Fine Motor Hedgehog

Toddlers can work on building fine motor skills with Chunky, peg-shaped pieces that fit into the back of this friendly Hedgehog.

The colorful quills help kids build color recognition, sorting, and counting skills through fine motor skill games. The large quills are easy to grasp for tiny hands.

At under $15 for the set, these blocks make great educational toys for toddlers.

Build & Spin: Farm Friends

These Snap gears are so fun for toddlers and mixing in friendly barnyard animals into this playset helps toddlers hone their fine motor skills. It includes seven smiling farm animals, including a pig, horse, rabbit, and more. 

The colorful gears’ turning and spinning actions teach kids lessons in cause and effect

At under $20 for the set, these snap gears make great educational toys for toddlers.

Color Matching Egg Set

These 12 charming eggs in a carton will help toddlers learn to count, sort, and match! Each plastic egg contains a different color and number, with corresponding pegs and holes. 

These bright, interactive eggs will improve hand dexterity, color recognition, and fine motor skills while engaging little minds.

At under $18 for the set, these eggs make great educational toys for toddlers.

ABC Wooden Block Cart 

This is a classic set that will last for years and can be passed down from child to child. It includes 30 blocks and a pull along wagon.

The blocks have numbers, letters, and pictures that help to build toddler vocabulary.

At under $10 for the set, these blocks make great educational toys for toddlers.

Busy Learners Activity Cube

This activity cube has 5 sides than spark natural exploration. This pre-k learning toy has 14 interactive features that develop motor skills. Four different light-up buttons introduce shapes, animal name, and their sounds.

It even has motion sensors that activate when the cube is moved, this encourages baby to sit up and crawl.

At under $18, this learning cube makes is an awesome educational toy for toddlers.

Stack Up Cups

Nesting cups are popular for a reason, offering simple-yet-fun ways to play. Children love to fit them together, stack them up, or turn them over and hide things underneath.

These eight colorful cups have large numbers embossed on the base so an older child can practice counting and begin building number recognition skills.

At under $4.00 these great affordable educational toys for toddlers!

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